Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Kate Moves

Recently published in Photogenie: a "cinephiliac moment" of mine, on George Cukor's A Bill of Divorcement

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Kate Moves

How is a cinephiliac moment inherited? The very notion seems weird; cinephilia is supposed to be about unearthing singular, sensuous presences others might have missed - a gesture, a movement, a detail that has struck you. Inheriting, by contrast, involves picking up a certain something that has passed through many other hands. But one may be dependent on the other. Case in point: one of my treasured film moments actually seems to have been beloved by nearly everyone who has seen it. But this does not dilute its impact on me, even though all that can be unique about my experience with it is not the fact of it - since many have registered it - but the writing I produce from out of it, the subject "I" that emerges in the particular words I inscribe as I re-view it, and as I offer it to you to think about again.

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