Monday, February 10, 2014

Lonely Places, Dangerous Ground: Nicholas Ray in American Cinema

My new anthology on Nicholas Ray is just out from SUNY Press. The book, which I co-edited with Will Scheibel, includes twenty essays by top film scholars, critics, and historians. In table-of-contents order, our authors are: Jonathan Rosenbaum, Joe McElhaney, Ria Banerjee, Chris Cagle, Alexander Doty, Steven Sanders, R. Barton Palmer, Tony Williams, Neil Campbell, James I. Deutsch and Lauren R. Shaw, Murray Pomerance, Paul Anthony Johnson, Robin A. Larsen, Susan White, Harper Cossar, Adrian Martin, Jason McKahan, Larysa Smirnova and Chris Fujiwara, and Bill Krohn. Will and myself both contributed essays as well. What a thrill to have been part of this cast of characters.

More reading on Ray: this Fandor piece on Ray's final film, We Can't Go Home Again, and the documentary Susan Ray made about his life, Don't Expect Too Much, by Adrian Martin.